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Nominations post! CLOSED
coc_madness_mod wrote in coc_m_madness
In the comments, nominate as many COC as you like, but be sure to include the show they're from.

After nominations, there will be polls to choose the top sixteen shows in each category, and runoff polls in cases where more than one character was nominated from a show. The categories will be Comedy, Drama, Sci Fi/Fantasy, and Animated shows.

Nominations will end on Sunday at 12 pm EST. All polls will be closed at 12 pm EST on their ending dates, with the next round going up 1-2 hours later.

Schedule (ending dates):
3-14 Nominations
3-15 Bracket List Determined
3-16 First Bracket
3-17 Second Bracket
3-18 Third Bracket
3-19 Fourth Bracket
3-20 Semifinals
3-21 Finals

1. BE POLITE. Threads will be frozen if needed.
2. Anonymous nominations will be allowed, but you will need to have a journal to vote later.
3. For non Sci Fi/Fantasy series, a Character of Color is any character with acknowledged non-European ancestry, regardless of the race of the actor. For Sci Fi/Fantasy series, if the actor is a POC, and the alien/fictional race seems to be coded as non-white, the character is eligible. Use your best judgment.
4. Characters must be from either a movie or TV show. As much fun as it would be to include characters from any format, it starts getting a little unwieldy.